Friday, September 28, 2012


I love my sweet babies. All three of them. These two that i've gotten to raise so far are so precious to me. Their little personalities are unique, perfectly created by our great God, and move me daily. Some days I struggle with my long hours without Ryan's help but other days I appreciate the fact that I GET these little hearts for lots of hours all by myself. I know I wasn't created to be alone and am better with Ryan here. I'm still thankful that I get to be with these precious babes. Just because I didn't want to forget, here are two conversations from tonight.
 In the car on the way home from dinner, Leah asked me what my favorite season is. I told her the fall and she agreed it's also hers. Logan said,  "I like Sunday's best."  Leah tried to argue that Sunday isn't a season...Logan again insisted that Sunday's are his favorite season because we get to swim a lot on Sunday's. He meant sunny days. Summertime! Sweet boy.
 Again in the car, Leah told me that she read an, "interesting book" at school today. I asked her to tell me about it. She said it was "an informational book about dolphins. You know, the kind that tell you facts." I said, "what kind of facts did you learn?" She said, "Well, dolphins are particularly friendly. They're also intelligent." Oh yeah, I said with a little laugh because of the words she obviously remembered from her reading. Particularly. Friendly. Intelligent. Then she said, "And Killer Whales, or, Orcas, are also very intelligent. And they have their babies tail's first."
 I love that she remembered the big words and used them in a sentence appropriately. I love even more that she loves knowledge and reading and that she tells me about it! So thankful for these babes. Lord, help my heart to be patient with them, teach them about You, and love the hard days as much as the sweet days.

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