Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Things

Ryan brought me this pan of glory. Beautiful.

 Worship with other musicians, in a recording studio. Beautiful. Blessed.
Logan entertained himself for over an hour while I enjoyed some quiet. Beautiful.
Baby's favorite. Beautiful.
We were pretty scared when Leah's temperature hit 104.6 2 nights ago. Love seeing her smile again. Beautiful. 
 This week starts the 2nd trimester! Beautiful to be  finished with the 1st. Grow, baby, grow!


  1. Awesome post!! Love you guys and miss you!

  2. You are glowing, my friend! Can't believe how fast it goes!

  3. Hey, Melissa! Thanks for following my blog! I need to add yours to my sidebar...i still check it frequently via my old blog. Your beautiful kiddos are growing up!