Monday, April 30, 2012


I realize that not everyone gets to spend time with family. I'm so thankful for the blessing of family, cousins, aunts, uncles, GG's and Papa's, and time to share with them. Thanks for these gems, Mom and Dad!

I'm looking forward to many more pictures like these over the years!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Just a few more pictures from Florida, because it's not always ok to put EVERY picture on there. Even if they are really funny.

 But the kids should know that I didn't just lay on the beach. I tried to boogie-board!

 And swimsuit pictures aren't always appropriate for Facebook, but I want a record of memorable days with my friends. Jamie and I collected shells for our kids. What an encouragement and source of wisdom she is to me.
 I had to wear shorts for 2 of the 4 days because I inherited an incredible "bikini-line" sunburn. It was impressive and quite painful. (And the few of you that actually read this blog...i'm comfortable with you knowing that.)
And probably my favorite picture...Jamie and I tried to take nice pictures here on this amazing rock on the beach, and I just couldn't get a good pose going. So here's my natural reaction to an akward situation. A goofy picture!
 I had an incredible 4 days with my friends! So many thanks go to my sweet husband for working so hard to allow me this trip. Thanks to my precious mom for taking the time to come and fill my shoes. Not only did she take over my role, but she doubled it and gave the kids 3 great days with their incredible GG! Thank you, Mom for loving us all so much. 
 I do believe i've found a new favorite place in God's world. Lord willing, i'll get to take them someday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I just can't believe it...

 My purse was returned to me tonight!! Everything but the cash and change was still there. It had been thrown into a field at a park near the park it was stolen from. I told Ryan that these thieves weren't too bright...the left gift cards, the camera, the credit cards...never even tried to use them. I'm so thankful God protected us from that financial stress. Other than the annoyance of having to cancel everything and order new, (don't worry those of you concerned that all my #'s are showing on this picture...they've all been cancelled and taken care of, ) we simply need to replace the window in the Jeep.
 To the people that brought my bag all the way from Grapevine, on the last evening of your weekend, thank you. I do pray that the Lord will bless this family for taking the time to do the right thing.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Haircuts and Beard-shaves

We've had a "hairy" week. Logan was so tired last night from our busy last few days that he literally fell over from his seated position on the arm of the couch and started snoring!!
 Leah requested a haircut yesterday, so we allowed a few inches to be taken off. She loves it and we're not reeling from the loss of our long-blonde little girly.
   We tried to take our annual family picture after church on Easter started storming like crazy while we were in Bible class! We had to collect the kids from their classes in the rain, and then make it to the car. We don't look all that beautiful anymore. Mine and Leah's time drying and straightening was all for naught, but it made for a fun memory, piling into the Jeep all dripping wet!
 You may remember this picture from a recent post: Ryan made a deal with his high school soccer team that he'd grow his beard until they didn't win a game. Here he is after 21 straight wins...

After an incredible season, 21 straight wins, winning "Coach of the Year" and making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs, the beard got a proper shave. I sent Ryan to Mel's Barber Shop for a straight razor shave and haircut. I figured he earned some pampering after sporting this impressive beard! And here's my new favorite picture with my favorite handsome guy. Proud of you, sweets!