Saturday, July 21, 2012


I snapped a few pictures of our VBS classrooms last night. This year, we learned about a few of the miracles of Christ. The kids went to a different classroom each day where teachers were there welcoming us to Jerusalem, or Bethanny, or the Sea of Gallilee. I was working with Leah's class of first graders and they truly felt like they were entering into a new world! The pictures still don't do justice to how amazing each room was but you'll get an idea anyway.

 This is the Pool of Bethesda. The lame man wasn't able to get down into the water first when it was stirred up and Jesus saw him here. With a word, Jesus simply said, "Take your mat, get up and walk!" He was healed! (This is the kids' friend, Andrew.)

This is Mary and Martha at Lazarus' tomb! We all know the story of Lazarus, but now the kids know about the tomb, that he really was dead for 4 days, that Jesus wept with his friends and that only Jesus could perform a miracle! Each room had outside sounds playing, birds, a beehive etc. It really felt like we were there! The kids also got to try wrapping the strips of cloth around each others' arms and legs as part of the lesson.

 I had a hard time getting a good shot in this room. This was Jerusalem again. The kids came to the market to buy spices. On either side of this booth, there was  bread maker and oven and a cloth seller. You can see in the top of the picture, the temple! The kids learned that this temple was the only place then to worship the One True God! These market merchants were witness to the blind man receiving his sight from Jesus. This was the story where Jesus spit into the dirt and made mud, put it on his eyes and told him to go wash in the water. Each station used scripture to show us witnesses to these miracles. (Logan really liked this station. They got to smell all kinds of spices and that stuck with him. And his Sunday morning teachers were telling this story and he really likes them too!)

And last, but certainly not least, the Sea of Gallilee! This is where Jesus fed the 5,000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves. The kids came into the room and got to sit inside the boat to hear the miracle told by yet another witness. So very neat!
  I appreciate so much all the gifts that were used to make this week special for our kids. We had over 160 volunteers teaching and feeding and cleaning and building and leading and music-ing and crafting and rec-timing for the kids. It's amazing how it all came together! I remember growing up that my favorite VBS memory was the tower of Babel out in the parking lot, because it was interactive, it made noise and we got to participate.
 I know that these scenes will stick with our kids. I'm also confident that because of the way it was taught, they will also remember that these stories were about Jesus. He was a real man. He loved people. In His time, He healed people. Scripture provides witnesses for our poor faith. Powerful week for the kids...and for me and Ryan too!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Beauties

  My sister, Christi, took this picture. You can find her here: .She's got an eye for beauty and I'm completely in love with the ladies she's captured here. This is our new sweet niece, June. We're all totally smitten with her and can't get over how tiny she is. My kids are even sitting still for large chunks of time just to snuggle her! She's beautiful and we're so thankful for her.
 I love this picture of Leah Beth. Over the last week, she stayed at my parents house, getting to snuggle baby June whenever she could. This picture makes her look so old to me. That dimple, those smile lines, her hair...I even know that that bottom tooth is loose and just waiting to fall out. She's growing up, and taking on a look of her own. She's such a light in my world.
 Thanks, Christi, for sharing this beautiful picture! ht