Monday, December 16, 2013


Our Loag...what a Squeezie young man you are. Kind, thoughtful, stubborn, silly, love to sing and dance, and shy all at the same time. You love kindergarten and have flourished since day one. You argue with Leah and try to wrestle with Brady. They're your favorite people still. You highly value time with Daddy and take every opportunity to help him. You don't miss Mom while you're at school but still snuggle when my lap is empty. Your soccer coach tells us that you always show up happy and ready to work hard and learn new skills. Your teacher says you're a light and for that we couldn't be more pleased. Mom gets sad when she sees how tall you are and as your face thins out...but she knows you're just growing into that servant heart. 
 We plan to treasure this next year as you continue to grow. Our prayer is still that God will draw you to Himself early. 
 We love you so much, Logan Ryan!

Friday, December 13, 2013

9 Months

Nine months old, Monk! I simply can't believe it! Here are a few pictures and stats for the books.
You love food. All food. Spicy, sweet, hot, crunchy, salty...all food. 
You've tried a step or two but mostly you run around furniture while holding on. 
You shake your head no, say "mama, dada, and muhmuh for more. More food, that is. 
You're in your own room now and ever since we've bundled you up you sleep for 7 hours! Phew.
Leah and Logan adore you and I think before long you'll be running after them. You love them.
You like the fox song, much to mine and daddy's disappointment. 
You're still very friendly good natured. 
What a joy you are, Monk!