Saturday, July 20, 2013

The quiet moments

You're growing up too fast, monkey! All your new tricks are speeding up this baby stage and making it fly by! At least that's how I feel during the busy and awake times. It's the quiet moments that remind me you're still a new little nugget, still my squishy, warm little man. These are a few things I want to remember, for I fear they will only last a little while longer:
1) you still curl up on your tummy to sleep.
2) when I nurse you, you use your free hand with its pudgy bear paw-knuckle dimples to rub my shirt and chest. It's really quite sweet...I think you like making sure I'm still there.
3) when you're finished nursing and are sound asleep, I lift you to my shoulder and your legs still curl up under you like a newborn. Add to that, your little bottom lip pooches out along with your chin while you stretch out your tummy and I melt completely.
4) you still tuck your face into my neck under my chin...your chubby cheek fits perfectly there to fall asleep before I lay you down. 

I do treasure these quiet moments and choose to store them up in my heart. What a sweet gift you are, my little Monk.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

4 months

Happy, happy, happy! That describes our little fella. He wakes up happy, he is nice to strangers, he is generous with his smiles and he hugs our faces every time we get close enough. His 4 month check up isn't until later this month so I can't share weight and length but I can share a few more milestones. Brady's been rolling from his tummy to his back for a long time now but just last week in Wisconsin, he started rolling from his back to his belly! After he did that one time, he was rolling all over the living room. We can't keep him on his back anymore. It's great for him that he's mobile, but it presents a few other new problems. He's always hated his carseat but now he HATES his carseat. Add the five point harness into the mix and its kind of a nightmare. Add to this, Logan is worried for Brady's safety and car rides are long. Sleeping has become tricky too. He's a belly sleeper but has started rolling over onto his back while sleeping, and he either hits his head on a crib rail, or can't fall back asleep on his back. I've started sleep training this week to try to win some extra minutes of sleep but its proving tricky and I may become frustrated here soon. I know he is.
 He's had a few tastes of ice cream, and is a fan. We plan to start sweet potatoes this week, I'm ready to bust out the baby bullet. 
 In his short 4 months, he's travelled to Houston, Tennessee, and all of the states between Dallas and Wisconsin. He went camping for the first time this month, toe-tested a lake for the first time, met his dads parents and grandparents for the first time and loved all of it. Is favorite was camping...he's an outside baby for sure!
 He still nurses full-time, puts himself to sleep and mostly naps well. He wears size 6-9 month clothes now and is in a size 2 diaper. 
 He enjoys the pool, loves watching our frog, and his favorite is still being outside. If he's in the front pack, he'll be happy anywhere for any amount of time. He's very vocal, laughing and cooing. He very clearly says, "hi"...he's just mimicking us but we count it as his first word. 
 He sucks on his fingers, usually 2 at a time. It's super cute, and I'm thankful he can soothe himself this way. He also found his toes!
 Here are a few pictures from the last month...
With Mommy in Eagle River
Trying to find a way to keep him happy in his carseat.
Playing with Leah and Logan and Uncle Bubba
Trying to get a clear shot for his 4 month picture. He just can't sit still anymore!
There's our happy boy!
About to cry, ready for his nap.
Relaxing while I try to get a smile for the camera.

Monday, July 8, 2013


We're home! After almost 2400 total miles, we're getting settled back into our routine. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip.
Brady meets Aunt Vanessa! It's so amazing to see her with her boys, and for me to watch our kids play together...nothing more beautiful than that. 

 Annual zoo trip with Joni and her kids.
One of many bike rides. This was on our first day camping at Star Lake in the rain.
This is the restaurant where Ryan proposed! So pretty. He even ordered a special dessert like he did 10 years ago. So fun that he shared that detail and memory with our babies.

Logan checking out the dock behind the restaurant.
This is Leah on the dock by our campsite. 
The kids both caught fish with Ryan and Uncle Matt. These are my favorite pictures from the whole trip. Logan's Orange Crush mustache and Leah's breezy hair melt me!
It was cold but totally worth it...
Me and the Bradster in Eagle new favorite little town.
The story goes that Ryan used to buy minnows from twin spinster sisters here when they came camping every summer.
Brady's first dip into Star Lake
Family shot at the Point on Star
Visit with Papa Greg.
Visit with Grandma Connie and Randy.

Bike ride with Papa Bill
Hot tub at Grandma Phyllis and Papa Bills.
Ran a 2 miler with Jones. Hope to do it again next year!
All 3 kids have been bathed in this sink at Grandma Phyllis and Papa Bills house. 
It was a fabulous trip! As you can tell, Star Lake is a special spot for us. Ryan grew up camping there, we were engaged there...and now our kids will have memories there. So special. We're so very thankful for the time together with family, and time with just the 5 of us. As of right now, Leah and Ryan are at soccer and the boys and I are about to head to volleyball. Back to reality!