Saturday, July 20, 2013

The quiet moments

You're growing up too fast, monkey! All your new tricks are speeding up this baby stage and making it fly by! At least that's how I feel during the busy and awake times. It's the quiet moments that remind me you're still a new little nugget, still my squishy, warm little man. These are a few things I want to remember, for I fear they will only last a little while longer:
1) you still curl up on your tummy to sleep.
2) when I nurse you, you use your free hand with its pudgy bear paw-knuckle dimples to rub my shirt and chest. It's really quite sweet...I think you like making sure I'm still there.
3) when you're finished nursing and are sound asleep, I lift you to my shoulder and your legs still curl up under you like a newborn. Add to that, your little bottom lip pooches out along with your chin while you stretch out your tummy and I melt completely.
4) you still tuck your face into my neck under my chin...your chubby cheek fits perfectly there to fall asleep before I lay you down. 

I do treasure these quiet moments and choose to store them up in my heart. What a sweet gift you are, my little Monk.

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