Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It's been a busy week! We drove to Missouri and vacationed with our friends for Thanksgiving...

 I lost the wishbone wish.

Logan started reading! This picture is from his first run-through of his first book. "Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat." These two pages had him cracking up and the teacher in me just melted watching him discover that he can read! And that it is fun. And that he can unlock those secret words!

We put up our Christmas tree! Our sweet little home just got a little sweeter.

 Leah had such a fun week home on break, that it was a rough Monday morning. Tuesday was better so we're praying for a smooth 24 days until Christmas break. We're all ready for her real teacher to come back!
And Brady grew, by what is starting to feel like...a lot. He's starting to hurt. And we've got 15 weeks to go, folks.

I'm depending on an early arrival, Brady. Let's shoot for 37 weeks, ok?

Monday, November 19, 2012

24 and the other 2

It was a busy week here...Logan caught another fish!

He said a few things that I loved too. I love his mathmatical brain, it surprises me because my mind never really thought this way. Certainly not at almost 5.
Logan: "Mom, I know what 4 and 3 is."
Me:    "What?"
Logan: "7"
Me: "What did you think in your head to figure that out?"
Logan: "I thought that 3 and 3 is 6 and then one more is 7."
 A super example of simple faith. Love it.
Logan: "One thing in the world is everything."
Me and Ryan and Leah: "What?"
Logan: "One thing in the world is everything."
Us: "We don't understand, can you explain a different way?"
Logan: "You don't have to understand. It's like the donkey in the Bible that talked...God said it so it's true."
Us: "ok."

Leah brought this home from school: A writing prompt on what she is thankful for. So exciting to see that the traditions Ryan and I have put in place for our family are special to her. I'm pretty sure if you click on the picture, it will get bigger for you to read.

The kids learned about mistletoe this week and have been sneaking around the house putting pictures of it up all over for me and Ryan. We found 5 today...
And Brady grew some more! It's starting to feel a little full in there. I'm kind of in a perpetual state of feeling like I ate an entire ham and can't digest it. Gross, huh? Yup. I'm getting back aches and my arms and legs have been randomly falling asleep if I sit or sleep too long at any one time. It's not such a cute little bump anymore, it's more of a...well, a ham-stuffed-skin, sticking out there.

 Happy Thanksgiving from this little ham! (I thought turkey would be too cheesy...)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This week...
Brady got bigger.

 Leah lost another tooth! That's 3...and they're eating up my dollars!

Logan and I hit the craft store.

Other than the fact that our Jeep's back window was smashed into tonight while Ryan had it at soccer practice, the week is off to a good start!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Double Stuff

I hit the jackpot at 22 weeks. Brady's as long as a package of Oreo's this week! I purchased them yesterday...and there may or may not be only 6 or 7 cookies left...

 Friends have started to pass on baby boy clothes, play mats, little blankets, and some seriously fabulous tiny shoes. I'm starting to feel more hungry, more often. I've had 2 days in the last week that I just had to lay down and take naps. Long ones! My stomach is growing and I can tell Brady's bones are starting to really grow and harden. Ryan, Leah and Logan all felt him kick this week! Pretty special to watch the kids get to know their little brother this way. Ryan and I were talking about our Thanksgiving trip last night and he said, "I'm excited for Brady to get here too." My mama heart is very happy these days. And my mama stomach is very hungry. I think i'll have a few Oreo's.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Goodbye Jack-O-Lanterns
Goodbye hay-rides

Goodbye fair games and knocking Goliath's head off for candy
 (Logan hit Goliath's head 5 times in a row! The head actually flaps back on a hinge. So cute.)
Goodbye regular pants, unstuffy nose and beloved belts
Goodbye October and hello November! Hello 21 week old Brady! You're the size of a bottle of Root Beer. Love feeling you everyday, sweet boy! You have a consistent awake time from 9-11 everynight, and then you randomly bounce around during the day. Your brother and sister are already plotting your Halloween costume for next year...i've graciously vetoed the hot dog idea.You can thank me when you're older. Now, they're wanting the 5 of us to be the Incredibles next year...if it means your daddy in red tights, I think it could probably be arranged...
Welcome November! My favorite month of them all. Welcome jackets for evening dinners out with daddy
Welcome choir rehearsals for Christmas concerts, welcome firewood, welcome the countdown until our Thanksgiving trip, welcome cinnamon candles and welcome Christmas music and shopping! Welcome open windows and fresh air. Welcome bike rides and a fabulous time change.Goodbye October. Lord willing, the 5 of us will see you next year!