Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Double Stuff

I hit the jackpot at 22 weeks. Brady's as long as a package of Oreo's this week! I purchased them yesterday...and there may or may not be only 6 or 7 cookies left...

 Friends have started to pass on baby boy clothes, play mats, little blankets, and some seriously fabulous tiny shoes. I'm starting to feel more hungry, more often. I've had 2 days in the last week that I just had to lay down and take naps. Long ones! My stomach is growing and I can tell Brady's bones are starting to really grow and harden. Ryan, Leah and Logan all felt him kick this week! Pretty special to watch the kids get to know their little brother this way. Ryan and I were talking about our Thanksgiving trip last night and he said, "I'm excited for Brady to get here too." My mama heart is very happy these days. And my mama stomach is very hungry. I think i'll have a few Oreo's.

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