Thursday, May 15, 2014

These Days

Here's what we're up to these days...

Bike rides around the lake with this little fella...
Early morning rides to school with kids that are growing too quickly.
Enjoying some Texas.

Last soccer game
Playing with their friends who are more like cousins now❤️
More bikerides...this one didn't start or end very well. 
Loving these babies to pieces!

On another note, we have a place in York, we have a storage unit, we have a truck, and we have a date! Leah and Logan are finished with school on June 5th and we will drive them to Austin that day. They'll get their annual week at GG and Papa's house while Ryan and Brady and I set up house in Nebraska. They're super excited and I'm excited for them! 
 Today begins the next 3 weeks of goodbye parties and farewell lunches, play dates and hugs. I'm not gonna's getting harder for my heart to be brave. 
 We've started and grown as a family here in Texas. We've made dear friends, found our church home, and body of Christ. We have family here. We built and sold a home...the home all three kids learned to walk in. 
 I'm a sucker for a home. I understand a house is just a house, it doesn't matter how big or small, fancy or simple. I'm sad to leave the familiarity of our comforts here. There will be tears, more than I've already shed. 
 So today I choose to remember that I'm ready to open our boxes. Pull out our blankets and pictures and books. Because those things are the things that will make a new place our home. A place to make new memories, share new milestones, and take new steps...together. For that, I'm greatful...and not at all sad.