Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We've made it to 28 weeks! Little Foot here is busy as ever, rolling and kicking and hiccup-ing. I don't remember feeling the other two kids having hiccups, so that's been fun. Ryan and I are realizing how quickly Brady will be here and are super excited! Today Ryan told me, "I'm excited for all of us to be together." Thinking about having a family of 5 is such an unexpected blessing to us both, we truly hadn't planned to have anymore kids. God is so good to give us the desires of our hearts, even if we don't know we desire them until after He's acted!
 The pounds are coming on and i'm starting to be hungry, a bit slower and more tired. Here's a few  pictures for this week.

Also happening this week, the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 children and 6 adults killed in an elementary school. God was gentle on my heart this week and blessed Leah Beth with the flu...she's been home with me and will be home for most of the week. I know there's no need to worry but it's done my heart some serious good to have her close by.
We got to spend the weekend with most of my family in Austin...so much fun! Got to love on my niece and one of my nephews...they're so precious and i'm thankful for the time I got to spend with them, getting to know their little personalities better, watching them interact with my kids and our familiy. We missed Vanessa and her family but hope to see them on Saturday. My favorite part of the weekend was the big turkey dinner Mom made. Just love sitting around the big table visiting with everyone, eating my way down memory lane, and watching my kids taste some of my growing up years. I didn't take a single picture. And i'm bummed about that.
 We also plan to pack up and start our haul to Wisconsin and the snow on Saturday! They're expecting 12 inches tonight and we hope to enjoy some when we get there. It really is magical to be in the snow over Christmas.
Lord willing, i'll have another picture next week...with a bigger belly to share!


Friday, December 14, 2012


Oh Sweet Logan...
     You are ever moving, ever exploring, ever moving and ever moving...
                                                                  1 year old

We saw the spark in your eyes early on...next came the sense of humor...and the laugh that has to be heard...it's beautiful...
2 years old
                         Your joyful heart never stops...even when you're sad, you find the best in every situation...

                                                                             3 years old
      You sly little guy, you always have a plan, always have an answer, always have a question, always have an idea...
                                                                         4 years old
        You turn 5 today! Daddy and Leah and I are totally smitten with you Squeezie Man. God has given you a compassionate heart that wants the best for everyone you love. You notice when someone needs help, you're quick to compliment and encourage, and you have a tender conscience that wants to obey the Lord. You're reading words on your own, spelling small words, adding and subtracting and even dividing simple equations in your head. You can't wait to play soccer on a team, you sing a lot of the day and you're very excited to meet your brother soon! We can tell that God has special plans for you, Little Man. Our prayer is that He will draw you close to Him, that you will choose to follow and obey Him and that He will use your sweet heart to do His work. Happy birthday, Logan! We love you so much and are blessed to call your our Loag!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Brady is due in 13 weeks! Exactly 3 months from today. Unreal. Here we are at 27 weeks.

  As if those 3 months won't pass quickly enough, we have a busy 4 weeks ahead of us. Logan turns FIVE in 2 days. We travel to Austin for Christmas with my family. We travel to Wisconsin for Christmas with Ryan's family. Leah turns SEVEN after that. And Ryan turns THIRTY FIVE! It's going to fly by! I'm hanging onto every moment with my babies that I can. We're so enjoying this cold snap with firewood and twinkle lights, warm soups and sweatshirts. Our family devotional time has been encouraging every night, and we're so thankful for all of these blessings in our lives and the time to remember and recognize them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We have a new tradition this year! I got together with a group of women from church and we exchanged ornaments that we all made. We made a set of 24 each, according to the scripture we were assigned. I gave everyone one of mine and I recieved a complete set of 24! Tonight, Ryan and I read the first scripture with the kids, about God being the Alpha and Omega. We're not just focusing on Christs' birth, but on the prophecy of Christ to come, the fulfillment of that prophecy and the promises that God has made to those who believe and obey! Excited to dig in with the kids and count down to Christ instead of gifts.

Here's Logan putting up our first ornament:

 Just a little something I whipped up for Leah today. Thought Teddy needed a sleeping bag too. I start Logan's tomorrow! I started making them each something a few years ago and it stuck. Thankful for my sewing machine, Mom and Dad!
Leah's first soccer game on her Sting team! They won 6-3! She's been goofy all night. Had a great time and can't wait till her next game and practice. She's quick and is learning so fast. We're excited for lots more games with those braids flapping.
Don't have a picture of Brady or my belly this week. Let me say, just for the record, He's still busy. I took a bath the other night and the water around me kept making waves from his kicks! When I type on the computer, his rolling around is starting to bump the computer. He's growing, he's strong and he's tired of me coughing, too! Poor baby can't get a good nights' sleep. Happy December!