Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Weeks Raz!

Here's little Raz! (Ryan and the kids came up with that nickname weeks ago when it was the size of a raspberry, and it stuck.) Doc says it looks perfect! I thought all along I was a week further than what he told me last month, and it's confirmed as of today. 12 weeks! Logan came with me today and got to hear the sweet heartbeating, and then even saw it beating with a surprise ultrasound! I wasn't expecting to get to see the babe today. Logan was more interested in his treats he earned by sitting nicely waiting for the doctor to come in, but he was good and it helped me a lot. Logan also says that it's a boy...because it doesn't have any hair. It was good to see you, Raz! Keep growing strong!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grade!

Leah's come a long way since her first day of kindergarten. 

 I had tears in my eyes taking this picture last year, watching her hold daddy's hand all the way to school. I cried and had to walk away, she cried and had to be put with her teacher, ripping our hearts away with her tears.
I guess i've come a long way too. I took a few pictures of Leah before she left the house and didn't even bring the camera along today! Here are a few pics I snapped this morning. No tears from anyone!

 Leah was awake and sitting up in bed when I opened her door this morning at 6:45. She popped up, marked today off of her calendar, got dressed, ate some eggs, took a picture, changed her headband, washed her face and brushed her teeth and polished her apple for her sweet teacher. (She has the same teacher as last year!) We're so thankful for how God has answered our prayers. Our little Leah hasn't had a good track record of being able to adjust well to change, so this gift of consistency with her teacher is a huge blessing!
We don't get to pick out super cute school clothes because Leah's school is uniform, but she doesn't care at all. She picked out her shoes and backpack and headbands. As far as we're concerned, it's a beautiful thing. Our little sweetie doesn't care about that stuff yet and we think it's great. I'm anxious to get her back this afternoon and hear all about her first day of first grade. A year's worth of growing and maturing has brought out the confidence we've been so anxious to see! Love you, Leah Beth!

A few more pictures from the last week...
The kids have been making, "mixes". They even made signs with the names of their "mixes." Red Velvet and Purple Velvet. They took Leah's lotions and water and made all kinds of concoctions for hours.
 Family movie night got off to a sour start when Elmer tried to jump over Leah on the floor. His back talons took out her right eye. Doesn't she look pathetic?!
 Logan at naptime.
 And here's our little lime this week! 11 weeks and counting! I'm still feeling good. Enjoying food and napping less. I'm excited to start exercising again this week! Tomorrow I walk with my girls again and i'm very excited. I go to the doctor on Wednesday and hope to hear a heartbeat! I imagine soon the belly pictures will be more exciting for you to see, these early ones are really for me and the kids. Logan helped me pick out a lime today. What an exciting week!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 10

Loag's foot has been put through the wringer this last week. No lasting damage, but he scraped up his big toe and top of his foot on 2 seperate occasions. The second time it happened was at about 5 o'clock in the evening. Ryan cleaned him up, I snuggled him and then had to set him on the chair while I fixed supper at about 5:30. I noticed at 6 that he was zonked out. He slept straight through the night!

 The kids helped me go fruit shopping today. We tried our hardest to find a KUMQUAT but i'm guessing we don't grow them here or people must not use them enough so they're hard to find. We had to settle for prunes to represent the size of the babe this week!
I'm feeling pretty great compared to the previous weeks. We even took at 6.5 mile bike ride yesterday! I"m feeling more like my old self and for that i'm thankful. This is our last week with Leah at home before school starts so we're going to try to enjoy the pool, wake up earlier, and have a few family movie nights before the madness starts. Hope your week 10 is as good as mine looks to be!

Monday, August 13, 2012


We've made it to 3 months! Our little-bit is the size of a green olive. And I think it's a super big green olive because my stomach is starting to swell! I'm not into maternity clothes yet, but the close fitting shirts and button-shorts have been put away. Out come the sundresses and sweatpants. I'm feeling TONS better! We're all thankful for that. I even played volleyball tonight. 6 sets of volleyball and it wasn't gentle. I probably shouldn't have played, or dived like I did. Ryan left during the first game to go get me some snacks, I got a little shaky. I figure the little one is still little enough that a little contact sport was more good for me, than bad for it. I'm bummed to be hanging up my shoes for a bit. We generally make it to the championship game, l.ike tonight, so it gets competitive. I'll choose to walk instead for now. Ryan starts football practice early in the morning. I'm more thankful every week at God's good timing here. Here's my 9 week picture for the books.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

God's good timing

I'm so thankful for this week! I'm eating again! I'm not sleeping everyday! And Ryan is still home during the day to distract the kids when he can tell I need some space. Here are just a few pictures that I snapped this week.

 Trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained for the times I do need to rest. 108 degrees makes this activity take less time than it should but they still had fun.
 Our little babe is almost 9 weeks old! I'm a week late posting my 8 week picture of the baby being the size of a raspberry, so we'll throw it in here quick before the 8th week is up. The kids are having fun picking out the fruit each week that  is the same size as the babe. What a couple of goofies!
 Here's the belly! 8 + weeks. Starting to pooch out a bit and makes it hard for me to know what to wear. Gotta love this stage!
I have to add, as a side note, that Ryan is a champ. He's taken over lunch-making, errand running, bedtimes, and all other random jobs that normally take my time and energy. I'm most thankful for him and for God's good timing!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Better change our blog title...

Just a few pictures from the last 2 months...Ryan and I got a whole week together while the kids stayed with GG and Papa...we kayaked, we biked, we slept in, we stayed up late, we ate when we wanted to and we even went out to dinner and lunches. It was marvelous! The kids had a stellar time too, of course.

While they were gone, we staretd to get used to the idea of our little secret...we're excited to announce baby Davis #3! Due March 18th, 2013! I started taking some snapshots while the kids were away. This first picture shows the baby at 5 weeks, the size of an apple seed...and yes, i'm straining to look like I don't feel like I have the flu constantly...

This is the baby at 6 weeks, the size of a blueberry. I'm not a big fan of the skin-belly least not until the baby starts to fill out that skin more than my until then, just use your imagination with me.

We had our first ultrasound day before yesterday and were so happy to see one strong little heartbeat. It's just as amazing as the first 2 times. Everything looked great so far. Turns out the baby measures a week younger than we had thought, so at this point i'm 7 1/2 weeks, not 8 1/2 like I thought. This puts delivery date during Spring Break and we realize that while it means one more possible week of waiting, it also means that Ryan will be home!

So there's our little blob...the blob on the left. We all thought it was 2 little blobs there for a few minutes...but after extensive ultrasounds, we're confident it's only one little blob for us! We're so thankful for the chance to add to our family and couldn't feel more blessed than we do now. More modest belly shots to come!