Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Weeks Raz!

Here's little Raz! (Ryan and the kids came up with that nickname weeks ago when it was the size of a raspberry, and it stuck.) Doc says it looks perfect! I thought all along I was a week further than what he told me last month, and it's confirmed as of today. 12 weeks! Logan came with me today and got to hear the sweet heartbeating, and then even saw it beating with a surprise ultrasound! I wasn't expecting to get to see the babe today. Logan was more interested in his treats he earned by sitting nicely waiting for the doctor to come in, but he was good and it helped me a lot. Logan also says that it's a boy...because it doesn't have any hair. It was good to see you, Raz! Keep growing strong!


  1. Whoooooaaaaa! This just made it real for're totally having another kid. So awesome. Seriously, so awesome.

  2. Wahoooooo baby Raz!!! I was thinking of you today, and about how much I miss you! Love you and your sweet (growing) family, Amy!