Monday, August 13, 2012


We've made it to 3 months! Our little-bit is the size of a green olive. And I think it's a super big green olive because my stomach is starting to swell! I'm not into maternity clothes yet, but the close fitting shirts and button-shorts have been put away. Out come the sundresses and sweatpants. I'm feeling TONS better! We're all thankful for that. I even played volleyball tonight. 6 sets of volleyball and it wasn't gentle. I probably shouldn't have played, or dived like I did. Ryan left during the first game to go get me some snacks, I got a little shaky. I figure the little one is still little enough that a little contact sport was more good for me, than bad for it. I'm bummed to be hanging up my shoes for a bit. We generally make it to the championship game, l.ike tonight, so it gets competitive. I'll choose to walk instead for now. Ryan starts football practice early in the morning. I'm more thankful every week at God's good timing here. Here's my 9 week picture for the books.



  1. Four and a half years later, you're still one of THEE most adorable pregnant women I know! You and my other two sweet sisters :) Love you, Aim. And I love sweet little, Olive. ....ooh, that's kind of a cute name!

  2. You are precious!! Wahoo for being out of the first tri-mester, and wahoo for feeling better! You are giving me the baby fever big time! :) Love you, friend!