Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 10

Loag's foot has been put through the wringer this last week. No lasting damage, but he scraped up his big toe and top of his foot on 2 seperate occasions. The second time it happened was at about 5 o'clock in the evening. Ryan cleaned him up, I snuggled him and then had to set him on the chair while I fixed supper at about 5:30. I noticed at 6 that he was zonked out. He slept straight through the night!

 The kids helped me go fruit shopping today. We tried our hardest to find a KUMQUAT but i'm guessing we don't grow them here or people must not use them enough so they're hard to find. We had to settle for prunes to represent the size of the babe this week!
I'm feeling pretty great compared to the previous weeks. We even took at 6.5 mile bike ride yesterday! I"m feeling more like my old self and for that i'm thankful. This is our last week with Leah at home before school starts so we're going to try to enjoy the pool, wake up earlier, and have a few family movie nights before the madness starts. Hope your week 10 is as good as mine looks to be!


  1. So! SO! Sweet! I love how proud the two of them look and how Loag is hugging on Leah. I bet he'll always just love his sister. You still look awesome, by the way!!! Love you!

  2. Thanks, Ness! They're both very proud. It's fun to get them involved in the fruit pictures. I'm ready to look as pregnant as I feel!