Thursday, August 9, 2012

God's good timing

I'm so thankful for this week! I'm eating again! I'm not sleeping everyday! And Ryan is still home during the day to distract the kids when he can tell I need some space. Here are just a few pictures that I snapped this week.

 Trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained for the times I do need to rest. 108 degrees makes this activity take less time than it should but they still had fun.
 Our little babe is almost 9 weeks old! I'm a week late posting my 8 week picture of the baby being the size of a raspberry, so we'll throw it in here quick before the 8th week is up. The kids are having fun picking out the fruit each week that  is the same size as the babe. What a couple of goofies!
 Here's the belly! 8 + weeks. Starting to pooch out a bit and makes it hard for me to know what to wear. Gotta love this stage!
I have to add, as a side note, that Ryan is a champ. He's taken over lunch-making, errand running, bedtimes, and all other random jobs that normally take my time and energy. I'm most thankful for him and for God's good timing!

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  1. Wow, Amy, I am so excited for you! I look forward to watching your family grow and hearing all about this new, little one!