Monday, August 27, 2012

First Grade!

Leah's come a long way since her first day of kindergarten. 

 I had tears in my eyes taking this picture last year, watching her hold daddy's hand all the way to school. I cried and had to walk away, she cried and had to be put with her teacher, ripping our hearts away with her tears.
I guess i've come a long way too. I took a few pictures of Leah before she left the house and didn't even bring the camera along today! Here are a few pics I snapped this morning. No tears from anyone!

 Leah was awake and sitting up in bed when I opened her door this morning at 6:45. She popped up, marked today off of her calendar, got dressed, ate some eggs, took a picture, changed her headband, washed her face and brushed her teeth and polished her apple for her sweet teacher. (She has the same teacher as last year!) We're so thankful for how God has answered our prayers. Our little Leah hasn't had a good track record of being able to adjust well to change, so this gift of consistency with her teacher is a huge blessing!
We don't get to pick out super cute school clothes because Leah's school is uniform, but she doesn't care at all. She picked out her shoes and backpack and headbands. As far as we're concerned, it's a beautiful thing. Our little sweetie doesn't care about that stuff yet and we think it's great. I'm anxious to get her back this afternoon and hear all about her first day of first grade. A year's worth of growing and maturing has brought out the confidence we've been so anxious to see! Love you, Leah Beth!

A few more pictures from the last week...
The kids have been making, "mixes". They even made signs with the names of their "mixes." Red Velvet and Purple Velvet. They took Leah's lotions and water and made all kinds of concoctions for hours.
 Family movie night got off to a sour start when Elmer tried to jump over Leah on the floor. His back talons took out her right eye. Doesn't she look pathetic?!
 Logan at naptime.
 And here's our little lime this week! 11 weeks and counting! I'm still feeling good. Enjoying food and napping less. I'm excited to start exercising again this week! Tomorrow I walk with my girls again and i'm very excited. I go to the doctor on Wednesday and hope to hear a heartbeat! I imagine soon the belly pictures will be more exciting for you to see, these early ones are really for me and the kids. Logan helped me pick out a lime today. What an exciting week!

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