Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Brady's Birth

 Eight months old and I'm just now recording Brady's birth story! 
 Mom came to stay with Leah and Logan so that Ryan and I could go for my planned induction. I was 39.6 weeks pregnant, but Brady been measuring 43 weeks for the whole month before! Our original start time was pushed back 30 minutes due to no beds being available. I passed the time waiting by recording Brady rolling around in my belly...Ryan slept! 
 We checked in at 8am, and I was at a 4. The nurses started pitocin at 8:30 and at 9, my doctor broke my water. Brady was still high, so my doctor left. I called my mom quickly because with Leah and Logan, 30 minutes after my water was broken, they were both born. 
 I immediately started having intense contractions, very close together. Those contractions turned into back labor and by 11 am, I had reached a 7. Still no epidural. My thoughts being that Leah and Logan were born so quickly, if I was this far along, he would be here any minute and I could make it without. 
 Mom brought Leah and Logan and Grandma Cealie up and we visited. I was checked, still at 7. Bummed but hopeful, the back labor got even more intense so I moved around in bed, sitting, kneeling, rocking, rolling, sure that this was good progress happening. At 2:00pm, I was still at a 7 and  Brady still hadn't dropped. As a matter of fact, he was all on my left side. 
 Unable to think straight anymore, my mom, being the rational voice she is, calmly reminded me that the epidural would help me relax. She also reminded me how much I loved Leah and Logan's deliveries. Ryan and I decided a little after 2 that it was time for the meds.
 I'm so thankful for that decision! I wasn't a 10 until 7 pm! Also, Brady was turned sideways! All that back labor would have continued for 5 more hours. Now that I was ready to push, it turned out that my doctor was across the street at his office...and his fish tank was leaking. And he wasn't ready to come deliver my baby. The nurses were amazing, and stayed calm for about 30 minutes. The right side of my epidural was completely gone and Brady was coming! They told me with a wink that they'd love to catch my baby so if I didn't want to or couldn't wait for my doctor to finish with the fish emergency, to just go for it. At 7:48, the doctor strolled in, I was screaming, "hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" 
 Brady was born at 7:51pm! Not only was he sideways, he was giant. 9lbs, 7oz. 
 Leah and Logan got to come see him for about 3 minutes, my parents and Brother and his wife too. It was a sweet, quick greeting. I felt terrible, they had waited all day at the hospital and Leah and Logan didn't even get to hold him.
 What I thought would be a swift delivery turned into my most difficult and most surprising! (As a side note, I'm learning that Brady has a serious temper and his delivery totally makes sense.) My moose of a boy was so beautiful and warm and big and squeezie! We're smitten!

Check out those paws!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Conversation today at lunchtime. 

Me: Here's some milk, Loag. 
Logan: Is that Bray's milk? (He calls Brady all kinds of names.)
Me: Yes, but he hasn't been wanting it lately and it's good for you and Leah to have whole milk every once in awhile. It has some good fat in it.
Logan: Is it wife's milk?
Me: Wife's milk?
Logan: Yeah, like a mommy that's married and has a baby...wife's milk.
Me: No, buddy, this is cow's milk, not wife's milk.