Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Leah is 9!

This girl is 9 today! We've watched her change and grow over the years, but this year has brought some fun changes that have been special to me. She still loves to read, still loves soccer and to compete, but this year we've seen her heart do some changing. She has softened in a very special way and it's so fun to watch! She's always loved her brothers, but watching her care for Brady and comfort him is precious. She puts him to bed and changes his diaper when we have a sitter. She cuddles him when he wakes up and when he gets hurt. I accidentally bumped his head a few days ago and he wouldn't let me comfort him. Only Leah! She likes helping me cook and helps clear the table and wash dishes. She's exploring thoughts on what it means to serve her Daddy and brothers, and wrestle with allowing Daddy and Logan serve her, even though she can do the things they're helping her with. 
 I see The Lord changing her heart and I pray she will choose Him early. 
 I feel so proud and excited to have a daughter that I hope will someday call me friend. We love to shop together, and she asks for special girl days. I wasn't the girl who dreamed of dressing a baby girl in frills. I dreamed of having a creative, motherly, tough girl that I'd love spending time with...she is all those things and even looks great in bows! 
 We love you Leah Beth! Happy 9th birthday! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Logan is 7!

 Logan is 7! I simply can't believe it. So much has happened for us in the last year. A year ago, we were in our Justin house trapped by an ice storm! 
 Logan has adjusted to our new home very well. He has made some very nice friends at school and at church. He loves to learn and has a very mathematical mind. In true Logan form, enjoying tidy and clean, his handwriting is very tidy. He even won an award for it lasting at school! He enjoys Legos and remote control cars, trucks and Bey Blades. 
 Logan still has a very tender compassionate heart, although Brady and Leah test him. We noticed that as soon as I was home again full time his temperament changed for the better. 
 He continues to ask questions about God and His omniscience. We do our best to show him what the scriptures tell us but he gets frustrated that he can't really wrap his mind around it yet. 
 He's looking forward to wrestling next month and wants to try soccer again in the spring. 
 Here are a few pictures from his birthday.

 We sure do love you, Bud. Proud of the young man you're becoming!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

June 2014

Just want to document our June:

Logan's kindergarten graduation

Leah's award assembly. She's such a little lady.

A few days at my parents in Austin. 
Pedicures for the girls!

And the work begins! Brady was very helpful.

What did Brady do for 9 hours of driving with no Leah or Logan to entertain him? He slept a little.

He played a lot.

I know people were praying for him. He was a champ and i was so thankful!!

We're here and settled and feel very safe and comfortable. We bump into people we know, a lot. That will take some getting used to! I'm still adjusting to being able to leave the house for an appointment 5 minutes before it starts...we can walk a block to the local coffee shop! Ryan took Brady for a bike ride last night...all over town and was back in about 15 minutes. We're so thankful for these blessings and plan to be good stewards of this job and this opportunity for our family.