Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brady's 1!

Happy, happy birthday, Brady Boy! What a quick year this has been. You are a joyful soul, active and have non stop energy. You say hi, mama, dada, down, uh oh, more, deer, Jett, "Ah-lah" (Leah), lights, and you sign more, please, all done, and thank you. You have a temper starting to show and you wipe off your hand after a pop or a redirection. You do not like to be corrected. You dance to music, tapping that right foot and you still love Mickey Mouse. 
 We spent your birthday at the zoo in Omaha. It was so much fun and you loved it! You love deer and you even got to pick out your own special one. You make a few animal sounds so it was fun to watch you see the real things. You saw the monkeys and started, "who-hoo!" Ing. 
 You dribble a soccer ball and wrestle with daddy and Logan. You're coordinated and we're looking forward to seeing what sport you love as you grow up. 
 We love you so much, buddy. We pray that you'll choose to follow Christ early, and be a light for Him.