Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 months

You eat everything! You're walking! You moo, say Mama, Dada, tree, ooooh, and more. You growl and whistle. Your teeth are fabulous...they remind me of mine when I was little and I just love them. You light up for Leah and Logan. Leah soothes you and Logan is so much fun! You understand now that you're funny and we have so much fun watching you ham it up. You're still very friendly and happy all of the time. You're sleeping through the night and mommy is happier because of that. You nurse 2-3 times a day and love, love, love food. You're starting to wrestle with Logan and you let Leah tote you around and tickle your melt right into her. Your first snow and first Christmas were so much fun this last month! You're hard to keep up with, fella...slow down the growing up!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Leah are your own little person! It's fun to pick parts of your personality or your features that remind us of someone in the family. This last year, and now more than ever, you have come into your own and shine so brightly! I am now more excited than ever to watch you bloom, see who you become. You drum...all the time. You love to dance and enjoy telling stories and even being the center of attention. I have a feeling you will be on the stage in some form someday. You love soccer and are talented. You are fast and are beginning to understand the strategy and appreciate your ability to be aggressive. It's fun to watch you play! 
 You're very smart. You still love to read, chapter books especially. Last week you brought home Lord of the Rings from the library. 
 You're just the best big sister. You and Logan play so well together for hours. Forts and tents and music and writing're still the best of friends. Another little guy has captured your heart, and he softens you right up. You love Brady too and are very helpful when I need a hand. 
 You are your Daddy's shadow. Whether its food, soccer, movies or an opinion on something simple, he speaks your language. And he loves you to pieces.
 We all do, sweet Leah Beth. You're so much more than I ever imagined...and you're only just 8! Keep up all of your hard work and determination. We pray that God will call you early to Himself and that you will choose to serve and obey Him. We love you, Boo-Ba-Loo! 
 Mom, Dad, Logan and Brady