Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 months

You eat everything! You're walking! You moo, say Mama, Dada, tree, ooooh, and more. You growl and whistle. Your teeth are fabulous...they remind me of mine when I was little and I just love them. You light up for Leah and Logan. Leah soothes you and Logan is so much fun! You understand now that you're funny and we have so much fun watching you ham it up. You're still very friendly and happy all of the time. You're sleeping through the night and mommy is happier because of that. You nurse 2-3 times a day and love, love, love food. You're starting to wrestle with Logan and you let Leah tote you around and tickle your melt right into her. Your first snow and first Christmas were so much fun this last month! You're hard to keep up with, fella...slow down the growing up!

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