Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6 months

This month you started trying all kinds of food! You actually pulled these mashed potatoes from the tray to your mouth.

Had your first big kid swing!

Here you are tolerating your brother and sisters shenanigans...

Discovering water

You're pulling up on furniture. And destroying everything.

Playing with mama.
This perspective helps you look tiny still...

Love you, buddy! Will you please start sleeping longer at night? 

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Thoughts

My first thought..."More laundry!" And then, "how many times have I asked them to put these jerseys into the washer?"

A split second later, my next thought was this: "Enjoy this...soon they'll be all grown up and I'll miss these little jerseys and tiny cleats." 
 They are already 7, 5 and 5 1/2 months old. The seasons keep changing, the clock keeps ticking. Lord, teach me to not be so selfish. Remind me to treasure all of these moments, up in my heart. Even the little stinky shin guard moments. Soon, they'll be big stinky shin guards!


I often remind myself how gracious our God was when He chose to give us our five senses. He didn't have to make rain smell good, creeks sound crisp, or fire feel warm. These are expressions of His care and love for His children. 
 I've been enjoying my morning run with Brady these last two weeks. The sunrise and the canal and the cool morning air are intoxicating and im thankful for that time everyday. Due to a too close to home news report, I will be forgoing that routine for awhile. 
 Today I've decided to do some packing and enjoy the morning laying low here at home. I filled up my carafe, peeled back the stay-fresh seal on my new coffee and scooped the grounds into my filter. The smell was powerful. I immediately wished my brother and sisters were here with their kids. I wished we could sit around in unkempt hair and socks and tell the kids to go play with their cousins. Then I remembered Montana and got excited for Colorado. 
 My next thought was my appreciation for the gift of smell and memory recall. My second thought was how blessed I am to have three siblings that I love so much, I desire to spend time with, and are connected to good memories and happy smells. Weird? I don't think so. Just one more mercy from The Father to this child. 

Love you guys!