Friday, September 28, 2012


I love my sweet babies. All three of them. These two that i've gotten to raise so far are so precious to me. Their little personalities are unique, perfectly created by our great God, and move me daily. Some days I struggle with my long hours without Ryan's help but other days I appreciate the fact that I GET these little hearts for lots of hours all by myself. I know I wasn't created to be alone and am better with Ryan here. I'm still thankful that I get to be with these precious babes. Just because I didn't want to forget, here are two conversations from tonight.
 In the car on the way home from dinner, Leah asked me what my favorite season is. I told her the fall and she agreed it's also hers. Logan said,  "I like Sunday's best."  Leah tried to argue that Sunday isn't a season...Logan again insisted that Sunday's are his favorite season because we get to swim a lot on Sunday's. He meant sunny days. Summertime! Sweet boy.
 Again in the car, Leah told me that she read an, "interesting book" at school today. I asked her to tell me about it. She said it was "an informational book about dolphins. You know, the kind that tell you facts." I said, "what kind of facts did you learn?" She said, "Well, dolphins are particularly friendly. They're also intelligent." Oh yeah, I said with a little laugh because of the words she obviously remembered from her reading. Particularly. Friendly. Intelligent. Then she said, "And Killer Whales, or, Orcas, are also very intelligent. And they have their babies tail's first."
 I love that she remembered the big words and used them in a sentence appropriately. I love even more that she loves knowledge and reading and that she tells me about it! So thankful for these babes. Lord, help my heart to be patient with them, teach them about You, and love the hard days as much as the sweet days.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We're back to the old grind again. It's all great activities that encourage and uplift us. It just exhausts me.
 Monday's are free days with Truitt along for the ride.
 Tuesdays we walk 4 miles...4 hard miles...with Logan in the stroller and it's still hot here and i'm feeling fuller everyday. Truitt comes and all 4 of us go to gymnastics.
 Wednesdays are Women's Bible study in the morning, and choir in the evening. We get home at 9:30 p.m.
 Thursdays I volunteer at the school, we have Truitt and then rest in the afternoons.
 Fridays are free days again. Lots of cleaning with Truitt here again.

 So it's Wednesday night and i'm pooped! I'm pooped but the kids are happy, we're all fed and i'm encouraged even though it's been a tough week. I've seen first hand how nothing is a surprise to our God, He provides for His children and blesses the poor in spirit. What a mighty God we serve.

16 weeks. I'm anxious to get to my appointment on Monday morning and hear a little heartbeat and hear my doctor say that i'm growing as I should. I'm growing so differently than I did with Leah and Logan, gaining very differently than the first 2. Come on, little-bit! Get chubby and big!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Man

 I recently wrote a post about Leah starting school and listed a few of the things we love abot her and are enjoying about her. I haven't done that in awhile for Logan, so I thought i'd jot a few things down. This blog is my personal scrapbook and i've found it to be a super way for me to easily keep track of our family for myself and for those that are interested.
 Logan, Logan, Logan. You are a thoughtful, compassionate, gentle, funny, animated and happy little man. You're getting taller and thinner but you haven't lost your dimples! You love Leah and are protective of me, especially now with the baby growing! In the last weeks, without my asking, you've brought me a fan to cool me, a pillow to prop my head up and a blanket to warm me. You notice when something needs doing and you do it without prompting. You even feed Elmer when you notice that his bowls are empty!You follow Daddy around and would go to work with him if we'd let you. You have a happy heart and love to dance and sing. Your latest guesture that moves me the most is this picture:
   Everytime you go outside with Daddy, you bring in a handful of fresh flowers for me and put them into this little dish...with fresh water. You even clean out the old flowers and water so that I have a fresh presentation each time. Two days ago, you started a bowl for Leah because you know that she loves flowers too. You're going to be a super big brother and we are so thankful for you, Little Man!
  We've had another busy week, getting the kids healthy and back into our normal schedule. We got to go to a TCU soccer game since Ryan's soccer practice was cancelled because of rain. It was nice to be together for some fun! It was also rainy and chilly and we love that.
  I've hit week 15 today! A few people actually notice that i'm pregnant now. So thankful that the baby's growing and seems to be healthy. Here are the kids with their 15 week oranges.
  Here's my belly shot for the week!

And here's a little something that I found in my fortune cookie a few nights ago...
Have a super week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Things

Ryan brought me this pan of glory. Beautiful.

 Worship with other musicians, in a recording studio. Beautiful. Blessed.
Logan entertained himself for over an hour while I enjoyed some quiet. Beautiful.
Baby's favorite. Beautiful.
We were pretty scared when Leah's temperature hit 104.6 2 nights ago. Love seeing her smile again. Beautiful. 
 This week starts the 2nd trimester! Beautiful to be  finished with the 1st. Grow, baby, grow!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

13 Weeks

13 Weeks! Last week of my first trimester. I find myself still wanting salty foods, cheese and pickles. I'm craving water and Oatmeal Cream Pies. I'm not depending on a nap so much anymore during the day but am ready for bed very early in the evenings. Got myself a pair of maternity shorts today. This body is starting to change as the critter grows! It's the size of a peach this week!

A few more pictures from the week...

 We took the Tarantula train from Grapevine into the Fort Worth Stockyards with our friends Jennifer and Micky. Their daughters Madeline and Lindsey are in the picture with the kids below. It was VERY hot but lots of fun!
Leah brought home this paper from school today. It says, "I went to Austin and saw my grandparents! And Gigi spoiled me. "