Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Man

 I recently wrote a post about Leah starting school and listed a few of the things we love abot her and are enjoying about her. I haven't done that in awhile for Logan, so I thought i'd jot a few things down. This blog is my personal scrapbook and i've found it to be a super way for me to easily keep track of our family for myself and for those that are interested.
 Logan, Logan, Logan. You are a thoughtful, compassionate, gentle, funny, animated and happy little man. You're getting taller and thinner but you haven't lost your dimples! You love Leah and are protective of me, especially now with the baby growing! In the last weeks, without my asking, you've brought me a fan to cool me, a pillow to prop my head up and a blanket to warm me. You notice when something needs doing and you do it without prompting. You even feed Elmer when you notice that his bowls are empty!You follow Daddy around and would go to work with him if we'd let you. You have a happy heart and love to dance and sing. Your latest guesture that moves me the most is this picture:
   Everytime you go outside with Daddy, you bring in a handful of fresh flowers for me and put them into this little dish...with fresh water. You even clean out the old flowers and water so that I have a fresh presentation each time. Two days ago, you started a bowl for Leah because you know that she loves flowers too. You're going to be a super big brother and we are so thankful for you, Little Man!
  We've had another busy week, getting the kids healthy and back into our normal schedule. We got to go to a TCU soccer game since Ryan's soccer practice was cancelled because of rain. It was nice to be together for some fun! It was also rainy and chilly and we love that.
  I've hit week 15 today! A few people actually notice that i'm pregnant now. So thankful that the baby's growing and seems to be healthy. Here are the kids with their 15 week oranges.
  Here's my belly shot for the week!

And here's a little something that I found in my fortune cookie a few nights ago...
Have a super week!

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