Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We're back to the old grind again. It's all great activities that encourage and uplift us. It just exhausts me.
 Monday's are free days with Truitt along for the ride.
 Tuesdays we walk 4 miles...4 hard miles...with Logan in the stroller and it's still hot here and i'm feeling fuller everyday. Truitt comes and all 4 of us go to gymnastics.
 Wednesdays are Women's Bible study in the morning, and choir in the evening. We get home at 9:30 p.m.
 Thursdays I volunteer at the school, we have Truitt and then rest in the afternoons.
 Fridays are free days again. Lots of cleaning with Truitt here again.

 So it's Wednesday night and i'm pooped! I'm pooped but the kids are happy, we're all fed and i'm encouraged even though it's been a tough week. I've seen first hand how nothing is a surprise to our God, He provides for His children and blesses the poor in spirit. What a mighty God we serve.

16 weeks. I'm anxious to get to my appointment on Monday morning and hear a little heartbeat and hear my doctor say that i'm growing as I should. I'm growing so differently than I did with Leah and Logan, gaining very differently than the first 2. Come on, little-bit! Get chubby and big!

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