Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We have a new tradition this year! I got together with a group of women from church and we exchanged ornaments that we all made. We made a set of 24 each, according to the scripture we were assigned. I gave everyone one of mine and I recieved a complete set of 24! Tonight, Ryan and I read the first scripture with the kids, about God being the Alpha and Omega. We're not just focusing on Christs' birth, but on the prophecy of Christ to come, the fulfillment of that prophecy and the promises that God has made to those who believe and obey! Excited to dig in with the kids and count down to Christ instead of gifts.

Here's Logan putting up our first ornament:

 Just a little something I whipped up for Leah today. Thought Teddy needed a sleeping bag too. I start Logan's tomorrow! I started making them each something a few years ago and it stuck. Thankful for my sewing machine, Mom and Dad!
Leah's first soccer game on her Sting team! They won 6-3! She's been goofy all night. Had a great time and can't wait till her next game and practice. She's quick and is learning so fast. We're excited for lots more games with those braids flapping.
Don't have a picture of Brady or my belly this week. Let me say, just for the record, He's still busy. I took a bath the other night and the water around me kept making waves from his kicks! When I type on the computer, his rolling around is starting to bump the computer. He's growing, he's strong and he's tired of me coughing, too! Poor baby can't get a good nights' sleep. Happy December!

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