Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It's been a busy week! We drove to Missouri and vacationed with our friends for Thanksgiving...

 I lost the wishbone wish.

Logan started reading! This picture is from his first run-through of his first book. "Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat." These two pages had him cracking up and the teacher in me just melted watching him discover that he can read! And that it is fun. And that he can unlock those secret words!

We put up our Christmas tree! Our sweet little home just got a little sweeter.

 Leah had such a fun week home on break, that it was a rough Monday morning. Tuesday was better so we're praying for a smooth 24 days until Christmas break. We're all ready for her real teacher to come back!
And Brady grew, by what is starting to feel like...a lot. He's starting to hurt. And we've got 15 weeks to go, folks.

I'm depending on an early arrival, Brady. Let's shoot for 37 weeks, ok?

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