Thursday, November 1, 2012


Goodbye Jack-O-Lanterns
Goodbye hay-rides

Goodbye fair games and knocking Goliath's head off for candy
 (Logan hit Goliath's head 5 times in a row! The head actually flaps back on a hinge. So cute.)
Goodbye regular pants, unstuffy nose and beloved belts
Goodbye October and hello November! Hello 21 week old Brady! You're the size of a bottle of Root Beer. Love feeling you everyday, sweet boy! You have a consistent awake time from 9-11 everynight, and then you randomly bounce around during the day. Your brother and sister are already plotting your Halloween costume for next year...i've graciously vetoed the hot dog idea.You can thank me when you're older. Now, they're wanting the 5 of us to be the Incredibles next year...if it means your daddy in red tights, I think it could probably be arranged...
Welcome November! My favorite month of them all. Welcome jackets for evening dinners out with daddy
Welcome choir rehearsals for Christmas concerts, welcome firewood, welcome the countdown until our Thanksgiving trip, welcome cinnamon candles and welcome Christmas music and shopping! Welcome open windows and fresh air. Welcome bike rides and a fabulous time change.Goodbye October. Lord willing, the 5 of us will see you next year!

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