Monday, November 19, 2012

24 and the other 2

It was a busy week here...Logan caught another fish!

He said a few things that I loved too. I love his mathmatical brain, it surprises me because my mind never really thought this way. Certainly not at almost 5.
Logan: "Mom, I know what 4 and 3 is."
Me:    "What?"
Logan: "7"
Me: "What did you think in your head to figure that out?"
Logan: "I thought that 3 and 3 is 6 and then one more is 7."
 A super example of simple faith. Love it.
Logan: "One thing in the world is everything."
Me and Ryan and Leah: "What?"
Logan: "One thing in the world is everything."
Us: "We don't understand, can you explain a different way?"
Logan: "You don't have to understand. It's like the donkey in the Bible that talked...God said it so it's true."
Us: "ok."

Leah brought this home from school: A writing prompt on what she is thankful for. So exciting to see that the traditions Ryan and I have put in place for our family are special to her. I'm pretty sure if you click on the picture, it will get bigger for you to read.

The kids learned about mistletoe this week and have been sneaking around the house putting pictures of it up all over for me and Ryan. We found 5 today...
And Brady grew some more! It's starting to feel a little full in there. I'm kind of in a perpetual state of feeling like I ate an entire ham and can't digest it. Gross, huh? Yup. I'm getting back aches and my arms and legs have been randomly falling asleep if I sit or sleep too long at any one time. It's not such a cute little bump anymore, it's more of a...well, a ham-stuffed-skin, sticking out there.

 Happy Thanksgiving from this little ham! (I thought turkey would be too cheesy...)

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