Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 It may be overkill posting weekly as I have been. I just didn't do it with the first two kids, and I regret it.
 I picked  the title Mezzo for this week. It's alot prettier than saying, "WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!" 20 weeks!  Time, it is a flyin'! Mom comes to town on Thursday morning to spend 2 days with us. She'll keep Logan and have lunch with Leah, while Ryan and I go to the doctor for our big sonogram. Normally, we'd be finding out what we're having but this time around, we're resisting the temptation. We're very, very, very tempted to find out, but know that the moment of surprise in the delivery room will be so special if we wait. Now if only our doctor can not slip up on Thursday!
 Just for my memory's sake, i'm still not craving anything. When I need a snack, I grab a string cheese and a root beer...I just don't find myself hungry this time around. I imagine it's coming, but it still hasn't hit me yet. My back is starting to get achy, the warm baths are helping me, and I do feel my toes start to tingle like they're swelling if i'm on them too long. I'm sleeping well and this babe is CONSTANTLY on the move! I actually felt three jabs at the same time a few days ago. Logan wasn't as active before he was born and he's nonstop now. Should I be worried?!
 20 weeks!!

 Leah's had a good week so far. Her teacher is officially out on maternity leave and she has a substitute in place. She's doing great with the change. She even compared her sub to GG! Monday was a big day...she came to the car with a bloody tooth dangling by a thread. By the time we got home...I just love this sweet little Boo-ba-loo!
 Logan's doing well too. He entertains Truitt so well, he's so helpful! He's still coughing 2 weeks later, so I have a feeling we'll be visiting the doctor again soon to figure out why the antibiotic and breathing treatments haven't worked for him.
 I had a 48 hour bug this weekend and caused the family to miss the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving we had planned. I believe our weekend is now planned for us! We also plan to move some furniature around in our master bedroom to make room for a baby bed and other cutie stuff we're starting to gather.
 Phew. I'm tired. Goodnight.

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  1. Looking awesome, momma! Let me know if you guys need ANYTHING. I'm so serious when I tell you that I have an attic full of baby items that I'm pretty sure won't get used anytime soon. Strollers, infant car seats, clothes, activity centers, bumbo, boppy, toys, etc. etc. etc.