Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is It Fall?!

We've enjoyed the blessing of cold weather the last few days! We're milking every minute while we have it.

 Truitt even got in on the action! I've got him full time for the next 6 weeks.
 Love that the kids are old enough to go on a real bike ride! Thankful for the paths in our backyard and through our community.
Homemade potpie in Grammie's blue pie pan. MMM.
A fire with my loves. This was after a day with the windows open, a nap, a trip to Bass Pro Shops and fudge. Sigh. 
I should have a picture of this weeks veggie that shows the size of the baby. Didn't get around to getting my bell pepper this week. I did, however, get around to finding some of these guys. Yup. More nachos.

We've established that Raz likes music! Dance and grow, baby. Dance and grow.

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