Friday, March 8, 2013

To every season

I'm enjoying my last warm bath before baby and i'm crying confused happy and transition tears as I reflect on this day, these last 7 years and the next 2 days. (Only a few of my closest girls read this blog and it is otherwise private, so this picture is ok.)
Today was my last nap with Logan. He was breathing softly next to me when I woke up. I quietly told him it was time to go get Leah and he rolled over and threw his little arm around my neck and snuggled with me. I stayed in bed for extra minutes with his warm cheek on mine. My baby no big 5 year old.
Today was my last time picking up Leah in the carline without a carseat to carry. I loved holding her hand, hearing her good news and kissing her on her sweet left cheek with her hair that smelled like school. All these years, my right hand has been for her alone. Now she's a big, big sister again.
Today I took my 2 kids to soccer practices and out to eat, having time and attention and energy for both.
I couldn't be more happy to add another sweet warm hand and squishy cheek to our crew. But I also can't help but acknowledge that this family of 4 is about to change. In a very big way.
Dear Lord, please give me your wisdom to know how to make each of these pieces of my heart feel touched, be kissed, be listened to, given eye contact, be snuggled, appropriately disciplined, encouraged and uplifted, and directed to You. Convict me to have a soft heart willing to become empty of my own desires and filled with Yours so that I can fill them up with You. Thank you for my partner, their daddy who wants all of these same things...thank you for giving him the energy and grace he needs for each day to care for his family. We believe that You keep us in the palm of Your hand and trust You to never let us go. Thank You for Your faithfulness. Lord, draw the 5 of us closer to You. In Jesus precious name I ask these things, Amen.


  1. Love you, Amy! And praying for you and the whole family as you transition into a very blessed family of 5! Let me know if we can do ANYTHING to help! :)

  2. This is beautiful, Aim. Love you guys.

  3. I'm a little behind on blog reading, so I just read this today. Made me cry. What a beautiful prayer for your family. I remember those same feelings so well the days before sweet Harper joined our family. Now it's just like she has always been here. Congrats on that sweet, squishy Brady. He looks like such a handsome boy! And prayers for strength and rest for you, such a wonderful (and exhausted) momma. =)

  4. You are already an incredible mom for even just that prayer! It is these blogs that your kids will look back on and wow! this is why we are so amazing with a mom like this praying for us! :)