Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3 on 1

I've never felt more needy in my life. Most of the day I'm pretty well in control. When Ryan gets home, my tears kind of appear from nowhere. He'd never know what I've accomplished in my day by how pathetic I am by 8:30 at night when he gets home. He calmly kisses Brady, puts Leah and Logan to bed, takes the dog outside and feeds him, gives me a hug...and all this before he even eats his dinner! I've heard people explain having a 3rd kid as hard because they only have 2 hands. I'd describe it as more of a "let's gang up on mommy " type of mentality. My kids are old enough to know which buttons to push to set me over the edge...I'm still hoping they're not doing this intentionally, but rather are still adjusting to everything as Ryan and I are. Doctors appointments, soccer games and goals, nap times, visitors, paperwork, Motrin, housework, bath times, homework, board games, phone calls, diaper changes and feedings, making's kind of a circus over here! Truly, it's a beautiful time...I'm so thankful for pictures that help me stay focused on the precious moments, even amid the chaos!


  1. I think you are just amazing! I appreciate this sweet and honest blog post. There is never any question the love you have for your kids and your hubby. I am blaming the post par-tum blues which is very normal and you turning only to the best thing ever to God for your strength and praising Him with your adorable blessing. You are being an amazing example for your kids:) You praised your Mom at how she uses her blessing to bless you and in turn I know you will do the same for your babes. Continued thoughts and prayers of rest, peace, and endurance.

  2. Aww, hang in there, Mommy! Wish I could hug your neck. You are doing amazing work, even amid the exhaustion and chaos. And thank you, Jesus, for patient husbands who love and know us well, and who walk in and take over without us having to say a word. That makes all the difference in the world.