Monday, February 18, 2013

Thirty and Sebmn

Say that title like Uncle Buddy says 37. That's how far we are! I'm feeling well, still busy and active. Today I walked 3 miles...thought I would die but I finished. Sure hoping this
little guy drops soon! I'm feeling pressure, plenty of contractions and have a hearty appetite.
We've had a busy week here...a few pictures from the last 7 days.
Leah came home with a super report card! Way to go, kiddo! I made some art for Brady's wall, love how it turned out. Leah got a haircut! This picture was after a soccer game and her hair being up all afternoon. It looks cute on her and she looks even more the picture of a big, big sister now. It makes me happy to see her growing up and a little sad watching her grow away from being my little Leah. My, how time flies.
Ryan took Monday off to rest up. He wanted a special day with both kids. Logan got all dressed up to go fishing, baits his own lure with live worms and packs his tackle box in a special order. He got Leah's tackle box ready for her too before they picked her up early from school. She got a new rod for Christmas and if it hadn't been for the wind, I'm sure they would have brought some stinky fish home today. Logan asks a lot of. Questions about my delivering Brady. I think he's worried about me and concerned that Brady won't be healthy. It's been a good venue for us to remind him that God has a plan for Brady and as far as we can tell, that plan looks to be a healthy one.
Ryan surprised me with Starbucks one morning recently. I needed the pick-me-up and was thankful for his thoughtfulness. As you can see, my shadow is expanding...this picture is from my long walk today. I'm allowing myself another pick-me-up tonight in the form of chocolate candies with my hot tea.
Lastly, that little blur is Leah at practice tonight. She's getting aggressive, realizing that she's faster than the other girls, and we are seeing the pieces come together for her! We're looking forward to the new season in April when she will get some super training from her new coach that is coming in.
So that's our week...Lord willing we'll have a new little squishy face to post pictures of soon!

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