Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Am That Woman

I was walking to Leah's school today, waddling and feeling sorry for myself. I'm 36.5 weeks pregnant but measuring 40 weeks pregnant. I thought to myself, "I am that woman you see walking down the street and say, "oh, poor thing! she looks miserable!" I'm not sleeping well at night, am contracting most of everyday since Sunday, and have been more concerned with keeping my house ready for my people that are coming to help when D day arrives.
Today, I was discouraged after leaving my appointment. Not dilated at all, he hasn't dropped and I can't be induced until a week AFTER my due date. I want a full grown , healthy baby, so why am I so bummed that I'm not in labor yet? I think my body and brain are exhausted, and my self-pity kicked into high gear today.
I took a nap, and woke up to this valentine by my face. It was in an envelope with "Mom" written in 5 year old penmanship. My refreshed body and mind are able to see...I'm THAT lady. The mom with a son who knows I was struggling and made me ninja turtles to encourage me...and snuck into my room while I slept, didn't wake me up, and waited until I woke up an hour later to let me thank him.
Then we walked to pick up Leah and I got a squeeze from her and her Valentina's hearts in her hair and I thought, "I'm THAT lady." I'm so blessed to be home all day, make her lunch, do her hair, pick her up from school and hear all about her day."
I know a few people were thinking of me and praying for me today and my heart has softened and I'm encouraged. I'm so thankful to be "that" lady. I have 2 happy, healthy kids, a healthy growing bun, and apparently, I still have time to get my house ready.


  1. You are almost there, sweet friend! Hang in there - I know how miserable it is at the end. How can we help??? Can we bring your sweet family dinner one night soon, so you don't have to cook? Can I come do your laundry for you? Anything you need, I'm your girl! So excited that you are very close to meeting your newest blessing. Love y'all!

  2. I remember that feeling of misery well. I also remember how amazing it felt to protect and nurture that little life, and feel my baby kick and tickle and move inside of me. Now that that is over for me, I have to say I'm a bit jealous of what you're feeling now. Praying that these last few weeks will go smoothly and you will get rest. You look just beautiful in the pictures you post.