Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So big.
So thankful to be home full time and in my sweats since my clothes don't fit anymore.
So packed.
So happy for the gift of a cute diaper bag that's packed with teensie little boy onesies and crazy tiny diapers!
So tired.
So blessed by Logan watching a Ninja Turtle movie every morning so I can snooze on the couch.
So willing to have contractions and labor.
So thankful for a super pregnancy, very easy compared to the first two.
So excited to meet this little meatball!

So that I have a reminder as I try to get back in shape, here is my stretched out belly. I've decided that Brady is sitting down on my belly button...effectively ensuring my pooch will remain a pooch. Way to make a statement, buddy:) Hope to meet you this week, can't wait to smell your sweet head and hold warm cheeks against mine!

So thankful to be a mommy again!

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  1. Look at that precious bump!!!! You are so close, Amy! So excited for Brady to join us in this world!!