Monday, May 7, 2012

Not All Mondays are Bad

I loved my Monday. I cleaned. A lot. And now the house looks awesome. Until tomorrow. I walked with Logan to the school. We ate with Leah. She was happy. I got Little T. I made meatball subs. I folded more laundry. All the while, Top Chef was playing in the background and I loved it. Ryan came home, no evening practice. T went home. We ate our supper together and went to our favorite little spot in Dallas. Bass Pro Shops. I got to hold my mans' hand while the kids munched on some fudge and checked out the tents and the 4-wheelers. We even splurged and let them blow some quarters on the hunting games. I'll only say that us girls beat the boys a lot, to a little. This is my kind of Monday.
 Leah was stoked because she just snagged some neon socks with stars on them. Plus, she's a gangsta.
Your eyes do not decieve you. Of all the hats Loag had to choose from, he chose the $2.99 mesh trucker hat. And he wears it on top of his head...and I love it.
I will say it again. This is my kind of Monday.


  1. Love days like this! Precious kiddos!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! We had a good one too - cleaning and doing everyday things, but full of the blessings that are so precious. Love you guys!