Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Nerds

 I've always assumed and expected, that my kids would be like me. I couldn't have been more wrong about them when it comes to reading. And i'm so thankful. We stopped at the library yesterday, (which was their idea, not mine.) These are the books they chose.
 Rocks and dinosaurs. Sheesh. Leah also decided before we got there that she'd pick a Junie B. Jones chapter book and a Magic Treehouse chapter book. She found her picks and we went home for naps before choir.
  Leah asked me if she could read instead of sleep so I said yes...this cute little nerd of mine read the entire Junie B. Jones book during her nap!! I never read an entire book on my own for fun until college.
 I'm so thankful that she's not just like me! Keep up that reading, Boo!

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  1. Um, I want to read all of the dinosaur and rock books :) They're my kind of nerdy!