Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thoughts for Spring

I love this time of year. Spring has sprung here in Texas. Our apartment is situated in the back of the complex, facing a canal that runs by our back patio. The only thing separating us from the water is a bunch of trees that hang over, and protect us from the hot sunshine. It's raining today and it's warm enough that I feel like we live in a rainforest! The birds are humming and the leaves are clapping with the rain.
 Scripturally and historically, this time of year is leading up to Palm Sunday, Christs' death and resurrection. I love that God's Bible is true. I love that we have other historical documents to prove it, even though we don't need them. I love God's system.
 While I realize we celebrate Resurrection Sunday in the spring, my thoughts have been on Christs' birth for a couple days. A Charlie Brown's Christmas,  was playing in our house yesterday. I caught bits and pieces of it as I was working around the house. A thought struck me yesterday about the little tree he picks out. It dawned on me when I heard Charlie complaining about Christmas being so commercialized. And, "what's the real meaning of Christmas, anyway?" Another character steps up and recites the scriptures describing the birth of Christ. You know, the character with the blanket and all the dirt flying around him. I realized then that this little tree, much like our Savior, wasn't anything overly decorated. He was born in a cave, most likely. It was probably pretty dirty from the animals that sheltered there. Scripture makes a point to tell us that Christ had a lowly birth.
 As i'm sipping my coffee in my little apartment in the trees, looking down over the water, I'm reminded that my Christ came as a man, simple and un-flashy. Un-decorated, discrete, tucked away, simple, rustic, and perfect.
 I wonder if Charles Schultz had Jesus in mind when he wrote that little tree into the script? While I think on scripture throughtout the year, these springy times bring Jesus to the front of my thoughts. Sweet baby boy that came here for me, grew into a man, and died on a tree. Hallaleujah, what a Savior!

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  1. I love this! I never thought about the Charlie Brown tree that way before, but I will from now on :) Thanks for sharing, sister.