Friday, February 3, 2012


 Some may say that Pinterest is a waste of time...I say that if it gives me an idea for time well spent with my kids, it's totally worth it! MMM, pretzel bites!

On another note, maybe a little update on the kids is in order? We've been busy, busy, busy here! Leah's enjoying gymnastics again and has even told me a few times that she's thinking about trying soccer again soon. Leah's back to loving school. She is generally awake in her bed before I can get there to wake her up in the morning. She jumps up and get herself dressed and is sitting down to eat breakfast before i've even brushed my teeth! Leah hadn't been eating breakfast the entire school year and the months of October through December, wasn't eating her lunch at school. Her tummy feels better. God, in His goodness, moved the difficult child in Leah's class to a new school! We're so thankful for her positive change in behavior and that she's feeling more like her old self again. She's reading like crazy, street signs, commercials and recipes...and a few nights ago, she read a magazine in the bathtub. It was pretty funny! She's gotten 100% + the bonus word on her spelling tests! This week her bonus word was, "crunch". She continues to be a friend to every kid in her class, and I love watching her walk in every morning. I hear, "Leah!" from all her classmates. 2 weeks ago, my dad looked at her and then me and said, "Where'd you get that little lady?" She's really growing up fast and coming into her own personality and routine. Pretty amazing to watch her grow!
 Logan is a clown. I bet if I looked back over the 4 years of blog posts i've written on him, most of them probably start out that way. The three of us are constantly asking him to repeat something funny he's said, or make a face, or dance, or re-tell a dream. My favorite Logan moments lately, happen everyday. Typically, early afternoon, I hear a sweet little song being sung from the front of the house. I know I can find Logan using the restroom, singing his little heart out. He's such a happy little soul. He quotes movies all the way through, sings along with commercials and hears music everywhere. The windchime outside, the knock at the front door and the humm of the vaccuum. He comes to the trail with me a few days a week and rides his bike while I run. He's proven to be a reliable pal during the day for me and i'm enjoying his tender heart. I'm so thankful that i've got a whole other school year with him at home before he goes to Kindergarten.
 Ryan and I are doing well. We are blessed beyond anything we deserve. Ryan's enjoying his new role with Sting Soccer Club and we're enjoying having him home more on the weekends! He actually has a chance to rest up and recover from his long weeks. I'm enjoying the new little guy i'm keeping 4 afternoons a week. He's 8 weeks old and I keep him from 2-5ish every M, T, Th and Friday. The kids really love having him here and I'm not gonna lie...i'm seriously enjoying snuggling with him!
 We've got a busy March, April and May coming up...hopefully loads of pictures coming up for the following events: Grandma Connie and Randy are coming for a visit, Mikey's 1st birthday party, Welcome Baby Colwell party, and my girl trip to Florida! Stay tuned!

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  1. I love seeing Mom's old blue bowls in the picture, and hearing Dad's sweet comment about your little lady :) And I love their expressions in the picture too :) Great post, sister. Thanks for sharing! Love you!