Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bird Books

I post this picture for 3 reasons.
#1 is that it's just cute. The kids are drawing birds in their, "Bird Books".
#2 I love this picture because I kind of like that my kids have a, "Bird Book". It was their idea to draw the birds they see, and look up their names to write underneath their picture. I love that my kids are a little bit nerdy. (Leah and Logan, when you read this someday, please know that I mean that in the most loving way possible. I'd much rather you be keeping a scientific journal of sorts, than playing a video game or watching a movie.)
#3 Ryan made Leah's book about a year ago. They decided together, how it should look, and together, they enjoy watching the birds outside and recording their information inside. Ryan and the kids keep a birdfeeder outside of our livingroom window, filled so that together, the three of them can watch the birds. I've never been that into birds, but I love that the three of them have that special tradition. Last night, Logan asked Ryan to make him a "bird book", so they started the process. Time ran out so it was all left in pieces on the kitchen table overnight. Ryan had 2 games this morning right in the middle of church, so he got home before we did. He had to head out to another game before we got home and sent me a text that said he left a surprise for Logan on the table. We walked in the door, and the book was all finished! Ryan's drill was also on the table...Ryan used his few minutes at home this morning to finish Logan's "Bird book" for him. Sheesh, I love that guy! And look at these kids...they took their books straight outside and started recording data before they even changed out of their church clothes. And I peeked through my bedroom window and snapped their picture. I'm a happy mama.

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