Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's a Tricky Thing, Moving

It's a tricky thing, moving. On one hand, there's the obvious excitement of a new adventure, house hunting, a fresh start, and the much anticipated new schedule for our family. All of these things are so exciting, they overwhelm me. 
 On the other hand, we are uprooting our family after 10 years of relationships and community. Leah will start her third school and Logan his second. We are moving 9 hours further away from my family, those that have invested themselves in our family and kids generously, heart and soul.
 It's a tricky thing, this moving. If I sit on the hard stuff, it hurts too much to be excited and feel confident in our decision. So, I've chosen not to sit there. 
 I choose to remember that Lord willing, Leah and Logan will get to ride bikes with me and Ryan and Brady to school for a long, long time. I choose to dwell on family dinners most nights, where Ryan leads our prayer. My family is generous with their time and will come visit. Four seasons. Date nights. Trees. Hunting for the boys. No city driving. My dream of watching my kids play in the yard together, riding on a swing hung from a giant oak tree...seems very close to my fingertips. 
 God has promised us that He will go before us and make a way. Tonight, with the back door open while I made dinner, I felt great peace regarding our decision to uproot and go. The kids, all three, played outside in the sun. They laughed and ran and rolled and enjoyed the sunshine together. And that's when I remembered moving all those times with my family. We had to pick up and move lots of times. And we were always just fine. 
 It was an adventure. We knew God had a new work for us to do in every new place. We had each other. I had my brother and my sisters there every step of the way. 
 That's how I know we're going to be just fine. The kids are going to be just fine. God has a new work for us and we're ready to start. What an opportunity for me and Ryan to demonstrate our faith to our kids. Im excited to go, and I'm thrilled to have my husband back! 
 And I have a pretty good feeling that we just might find a good yard for swinging and twirling and laughing.


  1. Beautifully put, Aim. The Lord is your rock- so what shall you fear? Praying for peace in all five of your hearts as you grieve change and loss and embrace a new work! Love that I can still look up to my big sister in her faith <3

  2. Oh, Amy! Hugs to you!! I completely understand your feelings about moving- the excitement but also the overwhelming anxiety and questioning whether it's the right decision for your family. Our decision making seemed much less complicated years ago when it didn't involve three little kiddos! However, I pray doors continue to open and the little "coincidences" that smooth the transition will reaffirm the fact that you are following God's will for your family.
    Just to share one thing that helped reaffirm our decision to relocate- after we sold our house in Ohio, we were having a difficult time finding something around here due to multiple factors. We spent two months agonizing and calculating and praying for guidance about what to do. A friend put us in touch with a couple who needed to sell but couldn't consider the stress of putting their house on the market at the time due to a new cancer diagnosis. God has worked it out from there for us to buy their house- which we love and is in the location we want- and in the process, we've been blessed with a new friendship with the couple we are buying from. Another move means Ella will start at yet another school in the fall (her 3rd). But, like you said, she will be fine! And I believe she will be blessed as she witnesses us following in faith that God is moving us with a purpose.
    You will be in my prayers, as a mother and friend, that God will bring you peace and clarity as you begin this new, exciting adventure!
    Much love-