Saturday, August 17, 2013


The summer is all but over. Ryan's been back to football for a week already, and Monday he begins his classroom duties again. That means I have one full week with all my chicks in my hen house, until 2 are off to school. 
 While I'm bummed for me and Brady, I'm happy for Leah and Logan. They're ready. This summer they've both grown up before my eyes and I didn't even see it happen. What I did see, now that I think back, we're these things:
 Leah started setting up all of her makeup and lotions and such on the bathroom vanity. She started requesting  alone time in her closet just so she could have a quiet place to read, away from her shared room and her little brother. She got glasses, and has cares for them beautifully...very responsible. I feel comfortable leaving Leah in charge of Brady when I leave the room. She holds him, reads to him, and can even decipher his needs most of the time. She's very much enjoying playing soccer and its really helping her stay focused and finish tasks. 
 Logan has become his own little man this summer. He's mastering puzzles, still working through the Bob books, and is ready, ready, ready for kindergarten! He's normally quite good at entertaining himself but he's just outgrown our space here. He's started playing on a soccer team and his sensitive side and tender heart go out the window. He is intense, aggressive, and tough. I can look at Logan and see he's grown, he's just not my baby anymore and I think that's the biggest change.
 I'm so thankful for these glimpses of my growing babes. I'm less reluctant to let them leave me for their teachers this year than I was when Leah went to kindergarten. God's given me peace in knowing and seeing their ability to work through problems, discuss their concerns, follow directions, be accountable, and adapt to new a new little brother and all thy entails.
 I look back over this summer and am sad at how quickly it's flown by. Have I snuggled them each enough? Have I read enough stories? Have we adventured enough? Have I listened we'll enough? Have we laughed enough? 
 I will choose to remember these memories and eat up this last week with my stinkies...


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