Monday, May 6, 2013

The Best Coach

I'm new to the world of soccer moms. I've watched my daughter play for 3 coaches now and it's always clear very early on, which style of coaching I want her subjected to. (Ryan doesn't coach a team her age so I find myself being very picky.)
I read this recently and thought, "that's the kind of coach I want my kid to have."

"Even though you won't know who I am from the next guy, I wanted to send you
a quick note of gratitude. You see, my daughter plays for Bill smith's
Warriors 03 team and we played you guys Friday night. I not sure you'll
recall, but late in the 2nd half my daughter, who suffers from asthma, had
to take a knee because her breathing really began to bother her. While
that's never fun for my daughter to have to do, she did mention specifically
after the game that "their coach was really nice Dad....he came over to see
if I was OK and treated me like I was on his team". While I suspect you're thinking that was just a common sense thing to really had a positive impact on my daughter as she's seen the
other side of our opposing coach's passion to succeed. For this, I wanted
to take a quick second to say "Thanks".

It does seem like the common sense thing to do, but I've watched coaches not even show sensitivity to their own players when they needed it. I'm so proud of the character my Ryan demonstrates on and off field. I'm proud to be his wife. I'm proud to care for and raise his babies.
My kids are blessed. They may not have their daddy as the coach of their team, but he's setting such a beautiful example for them. He is a light to those around him, even the opposing team.
I know that because He is that nice coach. He never would have told me this story... I found that email in our inbox last week.
"Lord, thank You for using Ryan to shine Your light. Please continue to give him endurance for his long days. Thank You for parents that encourage him and uplift him. Remind me to encourage him as he goes about his long days, that he will glorify You through his temperament and his actions. Remind me to be thankful for his jobs. You are so good to us. In Jesus name I pray, amen."


  1. SUCH a beautiful post, Aim. Love how you love and respect your man. Thanking the Father for His divine architecture of your family <3

  2. I love this! Yeah, Ryan!! I'm so glad y'all have each other :)