Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take Three!

 Let's try this again. I used to keep up with this blog so well. I use this as a place to record what's happening with our family of 4 here. It's easier and more fun for me, than scrapbooking. We have family all over the country so this is an easy way for those that are curious, to know what's going on in our world down here in Dallas. My original blogspot blog just quit working last summer. I switched to a new site on weebly, but I just like blogspot better. So here we go again. If you recieve this link and want to update our new blog address, please do so and check in when you want to know what's going on with us! If you've missed the last few months, here are the 2 links for the other updates:

 As a first entry, here's a conversation that happened today in the car after Logan saw a stop sign.
"Mom, you know you can't stop the gospel?"
"Oh yeah? Why?"
"Because it's too fast."
"Yeah. I think it's God's pet."

Apparently, Logan still thinks the gospel is a thing. We'll keep working on that.

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